Housecall Pro + AnswerForce Integration


What does this integration do?

For every call or message taken by AnswerForce, we can then create a customer or job on your Housecall Pro account.

Installing the integration

Step 1

From the AnswerForce app, click Settings in the sidebar. Then, select Advanced Settings. Choose the Integrations tab. When you see this screen, click HouseCall Pro.

integration options


Step 2 

Click Activate.

integrate answerforce with housecallpro


Step 3

Select Trigger from the left panel. You will land on this page. Select Call Intake and click Continue.

select trigger to integrate with housecallpro


Step 4

Click +Connect to connect your Housecall Pro account.

connect your answerforce and housecallpro accounts

Step 5

This will redirect you to your Housecall Pro account. Sign in using valid credentials.

answerforce and housecallpro integration

Step 6

Once done, set up the action step. Click on Customer or Job as required, and then click Continue.

setup target to integrate with housecallpro


Step 7

Map the fields with the appropriate data sets from the AnswerForce app. Then, click Continue.

step by step integration of housecall pro with answerforce


Step 8

This is the testing stage to make sure that every component is mapped correctly. Click Test.

test the answerforce and housecallpro integration


Step 9

When the test is successful, you will get this message. If you would like to add any additional conditions, click Add Conditions, or you can click Finish to complete the integration.

add any additional conditions


Step 10

By clicking Add Conditions you will be taken to the page below. You can also add an optional filter. Then, click Save.

add any additional filters to integrate your answerforce account with housecallpro