How can I upload my contacts?


The contacts tab in Client Portal contains information about your callers such as name, phone number and email address.

When your customers are included in your contacts, their information will be available to our Associates. This helps reduce call time and ensure the accuracy of your messages. Rather than asking your customers to spell their name every single time, they just have to confirm it as the information is already stored in Client Portal.

Also, when you add your contacts to your online account, you will see them in your AnswerForce mobile app automatically. So your contacts are available no matter how you access your account.

You can manually upload a CSV file containing contact information of your customers.

The CSV file should contain the following information in the following order. First name, Last name, Phone Number, Email address.

Uploading your contacts is quite easy –

  • Once the CSV file is created , go to Contacts option in the left pane of your online account.
  • Next to the search bar, click on the plus sign which automatically opens a window. Select the Import tab to import the CSV file.
  • Click Upload file and browse the file and find your CSV file wherever you have stored in your computer.
  • Once you have selected your file, click upload.