24/7 live call answering service:
an essential tool for a job well done.

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Handy call answering professionals.

AnswerForce partners with ACE Handyman Services throughout the United States.
We'll be there for your customers, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Plus, whenever
someone calls, we can verify if the caller is within your territory, using a zip code look-up tool.

Integrated lead capture
and communications.

  • 24/7 answering services

    Experience the power of live 24/7 call handling. With our virtual receptionists you can be sure that your calls will be answered the way you prefer, whenever your customers reach out. Never miss another call.

  • Tailored scripting

    Virtual receptionists will work from a tailored script to answer your franchise just as you would. Work with a team of account managers to make small adjustments for your franchise.

  • Active call transfers

    Your callers want to speak with you as soon as possible. The team of virtual receptionists will screen your incoming calls and can transfer callers to the appropriate contact on your team, in real time.

  • Lead capture

    Proactive receptionists respond to your inbound calls in less than four rings to qualify and capture the information you need to begin scoping the job.

  • Lead response

    The team can also place outbound calls to new contacts from webform submissions or your business software, in less than 5 minutes on average.

  • Lead re-engagement

    Just like retargeting, if you have an old list of leads who have shown interest in your business in the past, we can contact and qualify them.


Supporting ACE Handyman
Services franchises.

  • An elderly man wearing specs and smiling at the camera
    Jerry Stitzel

    Customer Success Leader

  • "Our franchise receptionists focus on providing the best customer experience during each call. This approach pays off, with more than 200 reviews left for AnswerForce on Trustpilot, producing an Excellent rating on that platform."
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  • A young short-haired woman smiling at the camera and wearing headphones.
    Mandy Rewis

    Account Executive

  • "Let's start an open conversation about what your ACE Handyman Services needs to grow. I truly enjoy listening and can offer advice based on your unique situation and business goals."
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  • A man looking at the camera wearing brown jacket and specs.
    Bhaskar Natarajan

    Account Executive

  • "An empathetic approach defines all of my interactions with ACE Handyman Services. I enjoy helping each franchisee achieve new levels of success."
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  • A young short-haired man in blue and yellow T-shirt smiling at the camera.
    Stefan William

    Client Account Manager

  • "Whether you'd like support with integrations, or if you have another question about growing with AnswerForce, I'm always happy to help."
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