24/7 handyman answering service.

Manage leads, client inquiries, schedule jobs, and offer round-
the-clock customer service with a handyman receptionists.

Handyman answering service

Missed calls = missed opportunities.

Grow your handyman business without being glued to your phone. Let AnswerForce virtual receptionists manage your calls, qualify new leads, schedule jobs, and work with your existing processes.

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Grow your handyman business.


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Tailored for handyman professionals.

Solutions designed to grow your business. Expand your availability with answering
services, software tools, and integrations included in your plan.

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  • Your handyman receptionists do more than just pick up calls. Your plan comes with a array of additional services.

    • After-hours answering

    • Lead qualification

    • Bilingual answering

    • Appointment scheduling

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  • Robust tools to build a new level of connection between your business and your prospects.

    • Mobile app

    • Live chat

    • Business phone line

    • Appointment scheduling

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  • Get call, chat, and appointment data automatically in your home service software, CRM, and more.

    • ServiceTitan

    • Housecall Pro

    • Workiz

    • Zapier

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Grow your client base.

Avoid chasing unproductive leads. We capture and qualify leads based on your criteria to help you identify the best opportunities for your business.

Allow AnswerForce's receptionists to handle the groundwork while you concentrate on closing the deal.

Handyman repair service provider

Round-the-clock support.

Continue to assist clients long after you've hung up your tools for the day. Our 24/7 reception service ensures a real person responds whenever your customers call.

Real care is a people thing.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • How will AnswerForce assist my handyman business?

    Growth thrives on new inquiries. We answer every call quickly, guiding callers through your team's process, asking your chosen questions, and turning new callers into potential customers.

  • Do you cover both residential and commercial handymen services?

    Absolutely. Our team caters to both commercial and residential handyman businesses. Your AnswerForce account manager and setup experts will collaborate with you, ensuring receptionists address the questions pivotal to your business on each call.

  • How will the handyman receptionists answer my calls?

    95% of calls are answered within the first four rings, always by a team member. Sincere, proactive communication is key. Each receptionist is professionally trained and adheres to a precise script tailored to your business.

  • Do you provide other types of customer service support?

    Alongside 24/7 call answering, your plan includes options for outbound calls and live chat. Our handyman call center software integrates with your job management, sales, and appointment scheduling platforms.

  • How will I receive call summaries?

    Immediately following each call, we send a summary to you via the AnswerForce app. We can also relay summaries via SMS, email, and/or your job management software. We also help with outbound calls, as needed.

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