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TeamLogic IT + AnswerForce: professional call support for clients.

Businesses facing an IT outage or malfunction need a fast, efficient response. They need to speak with someone as soon as possible to diffuse what is often a highly stressful situation. In that scenario, the last thing they need is to be put through to voicemail.

TeamLogic IT understands this dynamic, which is why increasing numbers of TeamLogic IT franchises join with AnswerForce to provide quality customer experiences. On a consistent basis, these TeamLogic IT franchises build great customer relationships by offering rapid frontline responses from the service desk.

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AnswerForce takes a third of our calls overall. As a result, I've been operating with one less help desk person. AnswerForce saves me the equivalent of one annual salary.

Rob Fallows

Multi-location owner of TeamLogic IT franchises in Arizona

rob fallows profile

With AnswerForce, it feels like I've hired another five specialists who can take often difficult calls, and handle them efficiently. I wish this service had existed a long time ago!

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Discover how AnswerForce helps TeamLogic IT franchises achieve consistency.

Rob Fallows, multi-location owner of TeamLogic IT franchises in northwest Phoenix and northern Arizona,
emphasizes a high standard of customer service across all of his offices. With more than 14 years of
experience in the business, Rob understands the power of helpful human connections when service issues arise.

What inspired your TeamLogic IT franchise to consider call center support?

We've always believed that our customers should be handled personally. Unfortunately, when we started out, a lot of our clients ended up going to voicemail, and that was hugely dissatisfying.

After speaking with another TeamLogic IT owner who was using AnswerForce, I jumped at the opportunity to move away from voicemail solutions and instead have a real human voice answering our calls. The AnswerForce partnership has been working great for us ever since.

What led you to choose AnswerForce?

I had been using a different service provider, and when I received my third bill from them, I decided that I needed something much more economical. I also needed support that was genuinely going to help my team, keep the customers happy, and not irritate them.

I was looking for somebody who could answer the phone naturally, follow our scripts, and offer suggestions to customers on a call-by-call basis. AnswerForce offers all of these services and more. We also get highly detailed call reports which integrate with our Slack channel, where they get picked up by engineers much quicker than they would via email.

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How do you use AnswerForce with Slack?

We have one phone number in use across the three locations I own. After four rings, or after hours, the call is rerouted to AnswerForce, and then the call report is sent to Slack. Any engineer or employee who happens to be reading the channel can immediately pick the case up. It's so easy that I even handle some of them myself.

What do you most like about the service?

What I really like about AnswerForce is that it evens out some of the peaks that we get during high call volume periods — if there's an outage with one of our major software clients, for example.

By the time an IT issue has frustrated a caller enough to call us, the last thing they need is to be put through to a machine. But, to be able to offer our callers an empathetic, real voice on the other end of the phone — someone who gets things moving — is excellent.

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What's your advice for anyone considering an answering service?

Do it. What are you waiting for? Practically speaking, if you're using voicemail, that's an unpleasant experience for your customers. Plus, it's a poor use of employee time to have them listen through a backlog of messages.

When customers are talking to someone from AnswerForce, the call handler tends to guide the caller through the situation, professionally unearthing the relevant information.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

At the moment, AnswerForce answers a considerable portion of our overall call volume. The cost for using the service is much lower than hiring our own people to pick up that work, 24/7.

Because of that, I've been able to run my franchise more efficiently, without having to spend overheads on training new staff.

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