Live chat for your business

Connect, engage
and convert

Website and Facebook messenger chat in one place.
Connect with customers where they are, and book more work.

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a desktop screen showing live chat interface

Integrate with Facebook Messenger.

Connect live chat to your Facebook page to have
all your chats in one place. Be where your
customers are and grow your service business
without having to jump between platforms.

Facebook messenger integration
Facebook messenger integration

Never miss opportunity.

Use valuable lead information gathered through chat to follow up with all potential customers, shortening the sales process and building relationships.

an example of lead capture form via live chat
an example of lead capture form via live chat


Launching Live Chat is surprisingly easy.

As you prepare to offer live chat on your site, we'll help you develop a custom script. Between the warm engagement of a live agent, and the extra information available in your personalized script, your visitors can expect a positive experience. Learn more below.

  • a box showing an example of code snippet
    1. Install a small piece of code to your website.
  • a box showing customizable options for chat widget
    2. Customize the style and behavior of your chat widget.
  • a preview of visitor dashboards
    3. Monitor visitor activity via a simple dashboard.

Engage every visitor.

Visitors expect their queries to be addressed immediately. With AnswerForce's 24/7 receptionists, there will always be a available to help represent your company and provide exceptional customer service.

an elderly man smiling at the desktop screen
an elderly man smiling at the desktop screen

Online visitor tracking.

Use the live visitor queue to start conversations and turn visitors into loyal customers.

Show customers you care by reaching out to offer a helping hand using insight from previous activity.

an example of visitor tracking
an example of visitor tracking

Web analytics.

Capture and export data on your visitors, leads and customers.

Gain insights on your website and web chat performance and never let a lead go cold again.

an example of web analytics and user list
an example of web analytics and user list

Customizable widget.

Customize the chat widget with brand colors, icons and more to give customers an on-brand experience every time.

a collage of four pictures and customizable visuals options
a collage of four pictures and customizable visuals options

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How does live chat work?

    You can chat to web visitors, in real time, through a chat widget installed on your website. AnswerForce live receptionists can provide this service on your behalf, 24/7, chatting with multiple visitors and responding instantly to their queries.

  • How do AnswerForce receptionists know what to say to my website visitors?

    We will work with you to develop a customized script that our live receptionists use to chat to your customers. Our professional chat handlers can adapt to a range of situations, consistently providing first-class customer service every time.

  • Can I view my chat transcripts?

    Yes, via the chat dashboard. Immediately after every chat, you will receive a notification and summary on the dashboard. You can also use the dashboard to chat with customers yourself, analyze web traffic and customize any aspect of the chat widget.

  • How do I install my live chat widget?

    The installation is very easy, and our technical team is on hand to help you install the small line of code to enable the widget. If your site is powered by WordPress, the AnswerForce live chat widget is also available for direct download as a WordPress plugin.

  • I've got more questions about live chat. Can you help answer them?

    Absolutely. Just start a chat with us to find out more!

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