Mathnasium, Mathnasium, what a tremendous first virtual convention! 

We were delighted to partner with you as an event sponsor. From battling Godzilla with the combined forces of Bobblehead Larry and the franchisees, to unleashing a growth mindset and mastering digital marketing, your content and delivery inspired us all. 

To pay tribute to the beautiful work you do in transforming children’s confidence in math, learning and life, we would like to present your franchise community with a special offer of one month free, plus a chance to win up to $1,000 of AnswerForce credit!

And, to round up the experience, we’d like to share some of our favorite takeaways from the convention. Thanks to all the presenters who shared experience and advice, celebrated below.

Growing your franchise(s)

Franchises are built on relationships. To effectively nurture relationships, Kimberly Rau stressed the importance of prompt and friendly replies by phone.

In particular, Asad Imam highlighted the importance of using a live answering service between 10am – 7pm, at minimum. Live call answering, he explained, helps facilitate your expansion, while maintaining high retention rates with existing customers.

On that subject: Imagine the peace of mind that would come from knowing that call-answering support is guaranteed not just between 10am – 7pm, but outside those hours as well. That confidence comes with all AnswerForce partnerships. And there’s no additional charge for after hours call answering.

Lead capture

“Make sure every phone call is answered, and all leads followed up.” Shant Assarian kicked off Day 2 of the convention with this advice. Dan Weber and Lindsay Morgan also shared some great insights on lead follow-up. 

Billy Jaynes spoke about helping kids of all backgrounds, including many who hold untapped potential. 

On that subject: Make sure you’ve got a 24/7 call answering partner who can help you bring light to all those lives. It’s refreshingly easy to make that happen on a 24/7/365 basis. Learn more about the AnswerForce – Mathnasium partnership.

Radius integration

During the General Session, Shant Assarian highlighted that Radius integrates with the Mathnasium billing system. 

On that subject: AnswerForce also integrates with Radius. All new leads are immediately populated into your system, 24/7. Find out more about AnswerForce integrations here.

Digital marketing

Erica Upshur shared top-notch digital marketing advice during the ‘digital agency’ session. Before the convention, Erica helped develop an insightful Mathnasium case study, commenting: “When you consider that paid advertising campaigns often run 24/7, it then follows that you should also have a 24/7 live response capability in place.” 

Sandra Zietara and Sam Kay also shared some excellent tips on seasonal marketing. They recommend January, June, September, October as top enrollment months. You should prepare your engagement strategy ahead of time, they said.

On that subject: Did you know you can customize your call answering script to reflect that seasonality? It’s quick and easy when you use the AnswerForce self-service portal.

Answering service compliance

If you’re considering which answering service to use, in order to achieve compliance by August, why not start with a no-risk option? Get your first month free, and a chance to win more credit on top of that. Learn more and sign up for 24/7 call answering here.


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